About RezScore

RezScore was founded during the recession to help job seekers. Our mission is to harness the power of big data to the benefit of job seekers.

We've graded millions of resumes throughout this time, and we're constantly using this data to improve our algorithms. We're always improving our algorithm as the field of data science advances. We believe such breakthroughs should belong to the average job seeker.

We believe strongly in providing our baseline resume grader for free to job seekers. Job hunting is already stressful enough, we're committed to making the process less stressful.

The percentage of users who purchase our paid services (API integration and resume writing) allow us to keep our baseline grader free. We only offer paid services when they meet our high quality standards and stand by these with money-back guarantees.

We're proud to be fully independent. Accepting investor money would have forced us to dilute these promises. Instead, we're proud to be privately owned and operated..


Gerrit Hall

With a career anchored in startups, Gerrit is passionate about giving back to the ecosystem ecosystem whenever possible. During his time at MIT, he ran the school's Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club, and co-founded the Big Data and Analytics Club. Through his assorted startup ambitions he was a finalist in the MIT $100K competition, and joined the prestigious Rough Draft Ventures and Boost VC networks.

His writing has been featured in Mashable and the Entrepreneurship Review, and his startups have been covered in outlets ranging from Lifehacker to the Financial Times.