About the RezScore Team

Gerrit Hall

Gerrit has spent his career helping grow small companies in the telecommunications space, including the Spoken Hub, Groupable, and Sonic Boom Games. Back in the day, you may have caught Gerrit Hall on the 1999 Jeopardy Teen Tournament, where he placed fourth out of fifteen contestants. He enjoyed a brief comedy career as a founding member of New York's acclaimed Audience of Two troupe, before realizing his other entrepreneurial ambitions were more lucrative. He was also a semi-finalist on the short-lived ABC television program "American Inventor" for an LED car wheel display he built.

Gerrit is an alumnus of the University of Melbourne and holds BAs in Physics and Religion from Swarthmore College. Outside RezScore, Gerrit is a regular contributor to the startup advice site Bootstrapper. Gerrit also hosts the "Vital Topics" panel of the Road2Shambala podcast and spearheaded the 2log competitive blogging platform. In his scarce free time he enjoys soccer, hiking, bicycling, basketball, writing, supporting the entrepreneurial community and reviving vintage text adventure games.

Sean Weinberg

Sean Weinberg was the Managing Partner and founder of Freedom Resumes. Sean is passionate about networking, writing, entrepreneurship, Web 2.0 (are we at 3.0 yet?) and career coaching (and, of course, Yankees baseball).

Sean started Freedom Resumes in 2009 because he saw the need for a different kind of career service. He was a recruiter and director of business development at AC Lion at the time (a top-notch recruiting firm) and he enjoyed the job, but he saw the opportunity to do something new and different, so he took it.

People are tired of feeling that job-hunting is a meat market. Tired of rejection by automated email. Tired of recruiters who don't listen, hiring managers who don't care, and resumes that get them nowhere. Sean and Gerrit started RezScore out of a mutual frustration with the poor state of an overwhelming number of resumes the two had come across and from hearing the direct complaints of both employers and job hunters alike.

Sean listens to his clients and does his best to see them to success, and is glad that every day he makes a positive impact. Sean hopes you'll consider dropping him a line at anytime about anything. From effective LinkedIn strategies to great bars in NYC, he's happy to chat, and the talk is free.

Jen Kramer
Director of Marketing
Jen Kramer is RezScore’s Director of Marketing. She’s the strong, silent type, and ever-so-slightly mysterious. While she ‘mans’ our Olark account and spends much of her day communicating with our customers, she’s impossible to get on the phone. Jen loves Bearded Collies, the Yankees (that’s why we hired her), hiding behind towels when people try to photograph her, and creating nonsensical or even silly professional bios. She also used to be a unicorn.

Kelsey Warnock
Resume Expert

Kelsey Warnock is a Resume Expert and problem solver focused on creating compelling resumes that get job seekers interviews. She has helped hundreds of job seekers clearly and effectively communicate their achievements and skills to match the employers needs. Kelsey firmly believes people should love what they do and find jobs that are in line with their passions and personalities. She holds a BA in Mass Communication and Journalism with an emphasis in Advertising from California Fresno State University.

Ike Okonkwo
Data Science Intern

Ike is currently a graduate student at Texas A&M where he is pursing a degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering. His focus / interests are in predictive modeling, Big Data analytics and data mining.

Before graduate school, Ike spent two years as a Technology Analyst at Deloitte Consulting where he was aligned with the Pricing/Profitability Management and Distinct Packages Technologies groups. At Deloitte, he worked on bringing disruptive technologies to the marketplace and served a variety of clients across Manufacturing, Retail, Federal Government and Non-Profits in both technical and functional roles.

Ike fervently believes that Big Data analytics is the next frontier in the information age and is thrilled to be working with RezScore on cracking some of the toughest analytics problems out there.

Nick Mazzetti
Web Development Intern

Nick is currently studying Interactive Multimedia at The College of New Jersey. He creates and maintains much of RezScore's visual content and scripting. His interests include HTML5, JavaScript, and advancements in hair regrowth technologies.

In addition to his services at RezScore, Nick also serves as a Web Development Intern at Edmund Optics and non-credit web instructor at Burlington County College.