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Here are some questions we get asked a lot

Q: How can I improve my resume to get an A?
A: This is the #1 question we get. Unfortunately, we don't have an answer that fits all occasions. 100 different resumes could receive B's for 100 different reasons. However, we don't want to leave you empty handed, so here are a few universal suggestions:

Q: How does RezScore calculate my grade?
A: We don't currently release the specifics around how the algorithm works. The basic version is that we did extensive research around what makes resumes great and turned that research into some pretty complex mathematical models. We use those models as a baseline to compare your resume against, along with several dozen other factors.

You can check out these articles if you want to know a little more about the math involved: Recursive Bayesian Estimation and Kalman Filter.

Q: I have high Brevity, Impact and Depth scores but a low grade, what gives?
A: The Brevity, Impact and Depth scores are separate algorithms and are not calculated as part of your overall grade. You can do a great job on all 3 and still get a low grade for other reasons. However, if you have really high individual scores and a low grade, it's usually because you're making at least one major mistake on your resume.

Q: What formats work best?
A: We work best with .doc's or .txt's. We process .pdf's, but they often parse strangely.

Q: Do you sell my information?
A: Absolutely not. We don't sell, share or otherwise misuse your information.

Q: How long does it take to receive the RezScore Makeover?
A: We ask for between 3-5 business days. While we frequently have it prepared sooner, we occasionally get overwhelmed and need extra time.

Q: Why did my resume get an F?!
A: The grader should only give F's to documents that aren't resumes. If you got an F it's probably because the parser can't interpret the format you're using (this occasionally happens with .pdf's) or because you mistakenly uploaded the wrong document.